Steering Wheel Knobs

Steering Wheel Knobs

In an accessible vehicle, mobility devices like steering wheel knobs make it even easier to get behind the wheel. Steering wheel knobs allow you to turn the wheel using just one hand. A strong grip on one hand is all that is necessary is maneuver the knob using just the palm of the hand.

Many of our customers don't require a steering wheel knob for accessible vehicle control, but still choose to install the device to make turns even easier.

Steering Wheel Knobs $150.00 to $175.00

Spinner Knob $150.00
Spinner Knob Single Pin/V grip $175.00
Spinner Knob Tri Pin Grip $175.00
Spinner Knob Hook Grip $175.00
Spinner Knob Palm Grip $175.00
Counter Balance $175.00
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